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Sept. 29 Hayden Grace Rohrer, stillborn, of Powell
Sept. 27 Dora Mae “Billie” Berryman, 93, of Worland
Sept. 26 Sharon Schmidt, 72, of Cody

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Thomas M. Pederson vs. Michelle M. Pederson, decree granted Sept. 23

Sept. 29 9:34 a.m. 101 Goedde
Sept. 29 5:31 p.m. 2100 Morgan

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DAILY NEWS photo by Jeanette Johnson
Equipment was on the move at the Wyoming Boys School as construction of the new building continues in the first stages. Above, Mark Anderson drives the excavator to remove dirt and decades-old pipe from the area while Alan Davis checks for grade at various intervals.

Boys school construction well under way

By Jeanette Johnson
Staff Writer

WORLAND – A $13.1M project OK’d by the Wyoming Legislature has been underway at the Wyoming Boys School, south of Worland, since the third week in August.
Sletten Construction and subcontractors are on site, digging dirt four feet below the building grade level, prepping the area for a concrete slab for the new structure.
The next step is to bring in some structural fill and start the compaction process. Sletten Project Manager Austin Allen said they plan to start pouring concrete for the footings in the next two weeks.
“Right now we’re just going to town, trying to get as much done as we can before winter shows up,” Allen said. “The warmer it is, the better, but we’re prepared to work through any temperatures.”
Before any construction work gets underway, they had to start with the utilities. The existing ones ran right through the area where the new building is slated to go. Gas, water and power were re-routed before the earth work started, Allen said.
“So far everything has been very smooth,” he said.
Sletten Foreman Ryan Roberts said some of the utility lines have been in place since the original buildings were put in. The well-coordinated project has subcontractors lined up to arrive when they are needed to continue with the next project, he said.
“We’re pretty much on schedule,” he said.
L.D. Anderson is doing the dirt work on the project.
“This is nothing yet,” Roberts said with a chuckle. “Our party’s just begun.”
The company usually has four-to-six subcontractors working for them all at once, he said.
Despite overcast skies, work continued on Tuesday afternoon with equipment removing dirt with Alan Davis using an instrument to check the grade at intervals as Mark Anderson maneuvered the excavator, dumping dirt in dump trucks.
The construction project recommended by the Appropriations Committee and passed is for an estimated 39,000-square-foot one-story structure. It’s been up for recommendation for a couple years.

Circuit Court addresses DUI, drug, parole cases

By Jeanette Johnson
Staff Writer

WORLAND – Several people who appeared in Washakie County Circuit Court asked for a public defender as their cases went forward on Monday afternoon.
In each instance, Judge Thomas Harrington entered ‘not guilty’ pleas on their behalf until they have the opportunity to confer with counsel.
•After Dominique Reine Romero took her seat at the defense table, Kim Adams said the state wanted to amend the charges against the defendant to DUI alcohol. Adams works as an assistant in Washakie County Attorney Marcy Argeris’ office.
Argeris told the court there was no drug alcohol test done but Romero did the intoximeter with an alleged reading of .085.
Referring to the affidavit, Adams asked for a $5,000 cash bond and pointed out Romero has a $5,000 bond on another charge as well as a $3,000 bond on a third. The latest charge involves driving a vehicle at 3 a.m. while impaired with three kids as occupants.
When asked if she was working, Romero wasn’t sure how to answer. Her mother told the judge her daughter is still working at Subway “depending on how court went.”
Harrington ordered her to continue checking in at the Law Enforcement Center, increasing the frequency from once to twice daily.
“Miss Romero, I am concerned about your safety and the community and numerous substance issues,” Harrington said. After imposing the requested cash bond, he added, “That’s about as liberal as I can be.”
She was ordered to wear an ankle monitor or other device.
•Charles Robert Michaelsen was in court on a petition to revoke his probation. Despite pleadings from his significant other that she has changed her mind and wants contact and for him to be allowed to live with her again, the judge was not swayed. Michaelsen has been living at their apartment while his girlfriend and child are living with her parents.
“You can’t live with Miss Leyva until the hearing,” Harrington said.
All the terms of his probation are now bond conditions, Harrington said.
Leyva told the court she had a letter proving she had been to couples’ counseling. She was advised to get the information to Argeris before the probation revocation hearing.
A $1,000 signature bond was set.
•Nicole Kohn was back in Circuit Court charged with conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance and other counts, all felonies. A preliminary hearing will determine if there’s sufficient evidence to stand trial in District Court, Harrington said. He set a $25,000 signature bond.
Harrington pointed out her significant other, Rudolfo Cruz ‘has absconded’ and ordered Kohn to have no contact with Kara Pruitt or Cruz.
•Kara Pruitt appeared on the same charges as Kohn and received the same signature bond amount and orders to stay away from Kohn.
•Brian Cronin, in the United States on a work visa, pleaded guilty to property destruction and unauthorized use of a vehicle. The incidents occurred on June 19 and July 5 in Worland and Ten Sleep respectively. He told the court he plans to return to Ireland in November.
Sentences of 90 days and 20 days in jail were suspended. The six months unsupervised probation on each charge will run concurrently.

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